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Linc was approached by a customer for advice and support on switching production of goods from its UK factory to China.

Drawing on our in-depth knowledge and extensive network of contacts, we helped our customer to identify a suitable factory in China. Once the transfer had been agreed, we arranged for the dismantling of large machines used in the UK for the manufacture of rubber items.

We also supplied out-of-gauge platforms and transportation to move the machines, by road, across the UK to the relevant sea port. The machines were safely loaded and transported by sea to China before finally arriving at the new factory in Tianjin.

A seamless service

Containers being loaded onto freight ship

Once production was under way, the Linc team worked closely with factory managers to make sure that the goods were inspected, passed and available on schedule. At the same time, we also established new supply routes by sea and air from China into the UK and Europe, the USA and Australia.

Working closely with our customers at these destinations, we handled the physical movement of stock by sea and air and we also took care of the documentation to facilitate a smooth and seamless supply from China through to the end user.

A reliable, trusted supplier

Having provided a reliable and trusted service over the years, Linc is proud to be only supplier invited to attend the company's board meetings and we provide continuing support and advice as they expand their business in the global marketplace.

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