With Linc, you can buy and sell the world over without ever leaving your office chair!

Using our crosstrades service, you can trade goods you never even see. For example, you could buy goods from a manufacturer in Brazil and arrange for us to deliver them to a wholesaler in Bahrain.

We organise the whole process from pick up to delivery while you sit tight in your office, safe in the knowledge that your goods will reach their destination.

We even complete all the necessary customs, insurance and Letter of Credit documentation for you, and we monitor the process from start to finish.

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Our crosstrades service will help to transform your business into a global enterprise.

We will ensure that your documentation is completed in a timely and accurate manner. Your goods will be collected, transported, cleared, distributed and delivered to meet your precise requirements.

This will help to build your reputation as an efficient and professional trader – bringing customers back to you time and again.

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