Linc teams up with Gift Rebellion for real WOW-factor gifts

Posted by linc

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many people’s thoughts turn to floral bouquets, or chocolates. But for those who want to be just that bit different, what about a combination of the two?

One of Linc’s newest clients, Gift Rebellion ( has a unique gift offering with a real WOW factor. Visit their website and you’ll see a stunning range of what appear to be floral displays, in planters and vases, or wrapped with tissue and ribbon.  At first glance, you might think these were flowers.  But they are in fact fabulous displays of… Swiss-made chocolates.

With gifts suitable for both corporate and personal, ranging from £15 to over £200, Gift Rebellion offers delightful – and delicious – chocolate treats dressed up like flowers, for every occasion. Long established in Australia, where they’re known as Edible Blooms, Gift Rebellion teamed up with Linc when they launched in Europe in late 2017.

Linc looks after all of Gift Rebellion’s non-chocolate components.  Vases, ceramic and tin planters, ribbon, tissue paper and fragile packaging material are imported from the Far East and stored at Linc’s warehouse at Coggeshall, Essex. Components are then called down as needed for dispatch to Gift Rebellion’s sites at Battersea and Geneva, Switzerland, where the final products are assembled to order.

Says Abbey Baker, Co-Founder of Gift Rebellion, “With next-day shipping on our gifts, it’s vital that the supply process is streamlined and efficient.  Especially when it comes to peak times, like Valentine’s Day, we can’t afford to run out of pots or packaging.  The team at Linc is proving to be fast, flexible and a vital link in the Gift Rebellion supply chain.”

The business has ambitious plans to enhance their gift range and expand across Europe too.  The storage and supply processes now firmly established with Linc are expected to roll out across more countries as the company grows.

Stop Press: Abbey Baker has a surprise gift for readers of Linc’s blog who make it over to the Gift Rebellion website.  Enter the code WELCOMEUK to claim £10 off your first purchase with Gift Rebellion. If you’re quick, you’ll be just in time for Valentine’s Day!