MOvember Madness!

Posted by linc
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Every November, men all over the UK stick their top lips out for a very worthy cause. Yes… it’s MOvember, the moustache-growing season.

This year, for the fifth year in a row, our own Liam Bantick will be sprouting the best moustache he can manage and raising money for charity, in a bid to increase awareness of men’s health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues such as depression.

Movember has its origins in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia, when a group of friends decided to have a little fun reviving that classic look from the seventies… the moustache. It started as a bit of a laugh, but quickly evolved into a very serious global fundraising campaign supporting men’s health issues.

But why?  Well…

The state of men’s health is in crisis. Men experience worse longer-term health than women and die on average six years earlier. Prostate cancer rates will double in the next 15 years. Testicular cancer rates have already doubled in the last 50. Three quarters of suicides are men. Poor mental health leads to half a million men taking their own life every year. That’s one every minute.

The charity has a giant goal – to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% by 2030. To achieve this, they’ve established and are funding multiple programmes around education, support and engagement as well as medical research.  Alongside its big ambition and the global fundraising this needs, Movember is about about something altogether simpler; getting real men to talk about real issues that impact their health and life expectancy.

Today November is the moustache growing and fundraising season and The Movember Foundation is supported by billions of people around the globe.  To find out more or get involved, visit the website.

And, if you would like to support Liam’s efforts and donate to the Movember Foundation, click on Liam’s official MoBro fundraising page here.