Packaging: We’ve got it all wrapped up

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With the festive season fast approaching, we’re already well into our busiest period of the year.  But at Linc, it’s not just about goods coming and going. A substantial aspect of our business year-round – and especially in the approach to Christmas – is packaging and rework. 

What’s Packaging and Rework?

For clients in sectors such as fashion, footwear, toiletries, beauty products and cosmetics, we produce a range of bespoke packaging solutions including display cartons, gift boxes, presentation packs and specialised containers for fragile and delicate goods.

We take delivery of products in bulk, then pick-and-pack into custom-designed packaging, apply seals, barcoding and labelling, then prepare for onward delivery, fulfilling any requirements prescribed by your clients.

So you can meet stringent compliance conditions?

Yes we can. We have many years’ experience in retail, eCommerce and TV shopping, and are very familiar with the constraints that come with selling to the major retail chains, eCommerce sites and TV shopping channels. We understand how important it is that our clients meet all the stipulations for their clients, not only on product and packaging, but also labelling and delivery processing.

Every major high street brand has different requirements, and they issue supplier manuals which can run to 40-60 pages, specifying their requirements for packaging, packing and labelling. We keep a library of supplier manuals and make sure we’re familiar with all their conditions. This means we can work to ensure that our clients remain compliant, avoid penalties and maintain good supplier relationships.

Do you design packaging yourselves?

Yes we do. Our client will provide their style guide and branding elements and identify the products, generally between four and six items, for the pack. We design the pack around their branding, specifying the correct weight and density of card, adding the practical elements such as reinforced corners, and designing the inner linings to fit and display the selected items. The approved packaging is then manufactured locally and when it arrives at Linc, we make up the packs and prepare for onward delivery.

What materials do you use?

With a focus on earth-friendly solutions, around 99% of the packaging we use is card, in a variety of grades, thicknesses and finishes. We use recycled materials wherever practical, and we no longer use polystyrene chips for packaging as they are not environmentally friendly. Instead, we make increasing use of airflow packing bags, which are available in a wide range of sizes.

How do you deal with goods requiring special handling?

We can design special features into packaging, to protect any kind of delicate or fragile items.

We also operate a Clean Room facility for pick-and-pack of products such as high-end fragrances, cosmetics and beauty items. To avoid fingerprints and other markings on contents or packaging, staff wear cotton gloves. For products such as nail varnish and skincare ranges, we also have heat-sealing and tamper-proofing facilities on-site.

For physical packing, we use master/shipper cartons in a variety of sizes and grades, so we can meet any specifications. These can be printed with client and product identifiers.

What else can you do?

We perform drop tests to specification, to help ensure that cartons can withstand being dropped from a height, even on to their corners. Retailers and TV shopping channels may charge their suppliers to do this, but we can take care of this to their precise specification and provide a First Piece Inspection to confirm the drop test has been satisfactorily completed.

We can also fulfil requirements on packing individual shipper cartons and provide a photographic diary of how each element has been packed – and this can be replicated for every future shipment.

What about vanning and delivery compliances?

Yes, and yes again. This aspect is called snake loading. We will stock vans, carton-by-carton, to client’s requirements, ensuring that when they are unloaded the cartons come out in the right order at their Distribution Centre for easy cross-docking and onward distribution to individual stores.

At Linc our experienced teams are always working to support you and enhance your client relationships, by delivering your products in optimum condition, as specified, and on time. If you would like to know more, or discuss a specific project, call the Linc crew on 01376 564962 or email