‘Tis the Season…

Posted by linc

For those of us involved in warehousing, logistics and freight forwarding, Christmas is already upon us. This is our busiest time of year, and we gear up in a number of different ways, to service our clients’ increased demands for shipping, stock handling and product rework.

We recently racked-out three additional warehouses in preparation for this year’s seasonal demands.  It’s given us an additional 4,000 racking spaces, which will cover both the seasonal needs of our regular clients, and organic growth from within our established client base. It’s not just about Christmas either, as this additional racking also gives us important peak demand space whenever it’s needed, and allows us to ‘flex’ and take on additional work at short notice.

Stock management takes place on an IT level, and our system is more than capable of handling very high volume traffic without requiring any additional capacity. We do however scale-up in terms of human resource, increasing our shift patterns in line with the increased demand.  We have the potential to go to 24-hour operation when it’s needed.

We’re already building Christmas gift sets – we have been for weeks – and this activity increases steadily, right up to the festive season. To accommodate the additional demand our Rework department has been expanded and is kitted out with extra benches and extra tools.

With all the comings and goings, the number of trucks needing access to our yard doubles for a period of around three months. The depot is a hive of activity all day long and into the evening, with both domestic and international vehicles coming and going.  We operate a massively increased loading area, flexing as and when needed.

The one thing about Christmas is that it is… predictable. It comes around every year, and we know how to respond to the demands it places on our facilities and teams. We’re confident we can meet the needs of our existing and prospective clients, and the warehousing, product handling and rework and delivery terms under which you may be required to operate for your clients.  Whether you’re supplying to independent retail outlets, big department stores, shopping TV channels or eCommerce retailers, we have the capacity to handle your seasonal needs – and the experience to deliver the service you and your clients expect.