Linc has been in the business of logistics, supply chain and freight management for over one hundred years. Our skilled and knowledgeable team delivers a comprehensive suite of services – everything from warehousing, order fulfilment, product handling and rework, through packaging and delivery, to global transportation and distribution; with freight movement by road, air and sea.

We understand the value of accuracy and attention to detail in logistics and product handling.  We know that our clients need to know what’s going on, every step of the way. So our approach and processes, whilst founded on experience, are supported by the most up-to-date technologies, providing real-time online and actionable insight.

Linc delivers a professional, dependable and friendly service, supporting our clients and their clients alike. Every brand, whether a household name or newly launched, is treated with the utmost care. From beauty and personal care products to fitness, fashion and footwear, luggage and more, we understand what’s needed.

Do you have compliance conditions to meet? Are there barcoding or packaging regulations? Do your goods require a clean room, specialist handling, or rework? Do you need a returns handling solution, testers and samples, or customised labelling? Whatever your requirements, Linc can accommodate them.

At Linc, every client relationship is a partnership, and your success is ours. Our long-established operation combines stability and experience with the flexibility and agility you need to compete in today’s fast-moving economy.


What to Expect

Linc is committed to customer service excellence and our business is based around solid values.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Quality comes first
  • Customers are the focus of everything
  • Continual improvement is essential to our success
  • Employee involvement is our way of life
  • Customers and suppliers are our partners
  • Integrity is never compromised
Rework and kitting areas, including clean rooms
Racked pallet locations across two sites in Essex
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Dedicated Linc team members